busy, busy!

The holidays sort of swooped in and took a hold of me, and as a result, I've been pretty slack with the blog.
I wanted to do a quick update to let you all know of the things that I've been up to, and what I have planned.

Last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to do a whole day shoot with the incredibly talented hairstylist Bethany Bell. Bethany worked hard on some amazing avant garde hair pieces, and she will be entering the photographs into the NAHA competition. We worked for almost 12 hours on the shoot, but the photos turned out really cool so even though we were aching by the end of it, it was worth it.
I've been hard at work editing those images this week, and look forward to hearing about the results of the competition so I can post all the images. Big thank you to all the models involved - Rachael Platt, Erin Bakes, Vanessa Banks, Gerube Valdez and Whitney Star.

As for what's ahead - this Sunday I will be shooting a wedding at Glen Foerd Mansion with my amazing assistant Michael, and then on Monday will be a magazine shoot styled by Scripted Designs with 6 models in an abandoned building.
Finally, on Tuesday I will be leaving for Australia until early February. I can't wait to spend some time with my family, even if it means I'll be ditching snow (which I love!) for heat (grumble, grumble). Aside from spending some much needed time with my family, and editing all the photographs I will be shooting over the next few days, hopefully I will be able to get some shooting in while I am there too!