Allison and Shane's E-Session

Allison and Shane live in England, so needless to say, they travelled pretty far for these engagement photos! Ok, ok. They were actually visiting Allison's family, so they didn't technically travel all this way just for pictures, but it was great that they managed to find some time for me to snap some, and to make the most of the beautiful Spring weather whilst they were in Philadelphia.
Allison had mentioned that they both like city parks and brick walls, so we started our e-session in Rittenhouse park, and meandered around from there.
Here are a few of my favorites.

 They'll be getting married in December this year. Can't wait for their wedding!

holy HAIR!

I had the pleasure of shooting this series a few months back for the incredibly talented hairstylist Bethany 'Queen B' Bell and have been eagerly awaiting the day when I could share it with you all. The beautiful models (in order shown below) were Erin Bakes, Vanessa Banks, Gerube Valdez and Rachael Platt. The shoot took over 12 hours since these looks were so complicated to construct, and Bethany actually created all these hairstyles and did all the makeup by herself!
The concept was to make these ladies look like mannequins, so I did a lot of post production to these images to help achieve that look and Michael operated a smoke machine in the background to try and create some drama. 

It was a long day, but all the hard work, time and effort was worth it for these pretty pictures!