collection of creative ideas.

I recently collaborated with models Whitney Star and Jennifer Grabel (aka Atomic Bombshell), wardrobe stylist Candace Whaley of Authetic8ke Style and the always amazing Bethany L Bell (of BELL Management) for hair and makeup for a photo shoot this past week.
The ideas brought to the table where a mash up of bright colors, dark editorial, and nylon magazine inspired wardrobe.
Here are my favorites from the day-

The awesome hair by the incredibly talented Bethany L Bell-

Since Jen loved this shirt that Candace had brought along, we ended the shoot with a quick wardrobe change, some readjustments to her hair and a few clicks of the camera.

It was fun mixing the amazing people I've already had the pleasure of working with, with new talent I've never met before!
It's always an exciting outcome and a fun collection of creative ideas.

On a completely unrelated note.....can you believe Christmas is only 8 days away!?!

Craig & Brita Engaged.

I had such a great time with Craig and Brita for their engagement shoot in Center City of Philadelphia. They're such a fun and energetic couple and super easy to photograph! Here's a few of my favorites from the day-

I brought out some bubbles for them to play around with. When I mentioned that they should blow them towards each other, Craig decided that this meant it was time for a bubble war! I just love this next sequence of pictures-

I just love how much fun these two have together! I'll be seeing Craig & Brita in January for their wedding. Can't wait!

cold weather, valley forge & beautiful family portraits.

I'm so excited to share these family portraits that I had the pleasure of taking at Valley Forge last Saturday afternoon!
Kelsey is a really talented wedding planner, and owner of A Little Soiree, and I actually worked with her a while ago to shoot some of her work (stay tuned as some of it is going to be shown in The Knot magazine!). She has such a great, bubbly personality, and I was so thrilled to be able to shoot her extremely fun and photogenic family, and their adorable dog Oliver!
It was freezing cold, but they all stuck it out for some beautiful pictures. Even little Oliver was happy to be a model for the day!

How adorable is little Logan!?

I had such a blast with these guys!
Thanks again for letting me spend some time with your beautiful family Kelsey!

best of the best!

I was so lucky and honored to be given The Best of the Best Photography Award at Kevyn Nafis Horton's event titled The Best of the Best Fashion Show & Gala on November 21st.
Nafis is the owner of Kevyn Michael's Boutique, located at 1540 South Street, and is also a very talented stylist that I have been fortunate enough to work with. His event showcased clothes from both his own boutique,and work from other designers, as well as an award ceremony honoring some very talented people working in hair, fashion or (in my case) photography.

All in all, the night was a lot of fun, and I got to meet some amazingly talented people.
Thanks again to Nafis for honoring me with an award!

a nice way to start off the last month of the year.

I did a quick shoot with makeup artist - Carinn Kanaki, hairstylist - Melissa Gumley and actor/model - Andrew Callahan yesterday afternoon.

I pulled some clothes and jewelry from my wardrobe, topped it off with some of Michael's accessories and threw in Andrew's eyepatch to create these images.
I think they turned out pretty nicely!

To end the busy day, Michael and I celebrated December 1st by putting up our retro, aluminium tree (that's straight from the 60's!) and covered it with white lights and bird decorations (since I'm absolutely obsessed with birds).
Our pretty tree is now sitting happily in our dining room, waiting for Santa!

Thanks to everyone involved in this shoot! Special thanks to Melissa for helping us decorate the tree too!

out damn spot!

I was lucky enough to work with an amazing new team on Monday for a photo shoot inspired by Lady Macbeth. Belle Morte supplied the beautiful wardrobe, Andrea Martini did the makeup, and the gorgeous Rachael Jean played our model/Lady Macbeth for the day.

We started our shoot at the abandoned pier (which I'm a little obsessed with at the moment!) as our backdrop for our own, Philadelphia 'castle'.
Just as we arrived, the sky was littered with light clouds, and the sun was casting a gorgeous warm tone over Rachael's skin. Perfect for some shots of Andrea's beautiful makeup work!

Then it was time to play out our Lady Macbeth concept.

our 'castle'
Lady Macbeth's suicide.

Behind the Scenes:
walking through the pier towards our 'castle'

We then headed over to a dilapidated building, with a huge pile of old car tires, for some slightly unrelated but still, very pretty pictures as the sun set over Philadelphia.

Behind the Scenes:
props to Rachael for climbing on top of all those tires and to Michael for being an exceptional light stand!
Finally, we headed back inside to finish up the shoot with some studio stuff that was more closely related to our original concept.
This idea was based off Act 5, Scene 5, where Macbeth hears the news of Lady Macbeth's suicide and a messenger tells him that the forest of Birnam is moving towards the castle.
"As I did stand my watch upon the hill,
I looked toward Birnam, and anon methought
The wood began to move."

It's been a while since I've done something so heavily concept based. Working with new people always sparks more creativity in me. It's got me thinking, and Michael and I are already brainstorming new ideas to shoot! Can't wait to make them a reality!
Once again, thanks to everyone that made this shoot possible and to Andrea for taking some behind the scenes photographs! Can't wait to work with you all again in the future!

Simmone von Sydney on!

The fabulous elopement of Chris and Michelle (which I was lucky enough to shoot for them in October), was recently featured on!

Congratulations to the both of you! It was a really beautiful day and you both deserve the recognition for an amazing event! Thanks again for letting us be a part of it.

Chris & Melissa's E-Session.

Lambertville, NJ is a beautiful (seriously, beautiful!) town on the river which was the perfect backdrop for Chris and Melissa's engagement shoot today.

Chris is a bit of a beer enthusiast, so they decided to start our shoot at the River Horse Brewery, and with the blessing of the owner, we wondered through the facility and took a few shots.

After we'd exhausted the brewery, we headed out to see what else the town had to offer. We hurdled and hopped over a fence (which upon leaving, discovered you could simply push it to open it!), for some amazing shots by the glass-like water.

Don't you just love Melissa's attitude in that picture? When I asked for "attitude", she knew just what to give me! haha

We then headed down into the main part of town, meandered down some old train tracks towards an abandoned building, and discovered some awesome things hidden in the stables!

The location was amazing! I had such a blast there, it was just so beautiful!

Congratulations again to Chris and Melissa! You were a great couple to work with! Can't wait to hear what you have in store for your wedding!